International High-Tech Innovation Center “Delta city”

The International High-Tech Innovation Center “Delta city” is implemented on the basis of the Presidential Decree (No. PP-3833) dated July 4, 2018.

The project provides establishment of a High-Tech Innovation Center “Delta city” in Yunusabad district, which will be composed of a Research Institute, student campus, multifamily and free-standing residential buildings.

The Managerial board for operation and construction of new facilities has been established by the project subject to cover all facilities within the territory of a future Delta city with a state stake of 50 percent or more.

Until July 2021, the benefits are provided as follows:

  • exemption of investors from a unique tax, property tax and land tax in terms of activities related to the construction of facilities at Site;
  • exemption of a General Contractor and General Design Organization from VAT in connection to the works (services) executed by non-residents;
  • exemption from customs duties on construction machinery, equipment, components, spare parts, construction materials, metal structures not manufactured in Uzbekistan, imported by the Managerial board, investors and General Contractor;
  • exemption of the Managerial board from payment of all types of taxes and other obligatory payments for the period of its activities.
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State Unitary Enterprise e-Government and Digital Economy Project Management Center

According to Presidential Decree No. DP-5624, dated January 10, 2019, the "e-Government and Digital Economy Project Management Center" was established under the National Agency for Project Management under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.